Move the product straight forward. Optimize transportation from A to B in every part of your plant. The plastic modules join together into a seamless surface, creating a convenient and efficient conveying range Intralox conveyor belts offer many key benefits, including: Conveyor life longer with less More belt wear,Simple cleaning and maintenance,No need for lubrication or tensioning.

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Straight-running conveyor belts are foundational to the success of any manufacturer, processor, or distributor. If they perform as they’re supposed to, you may not even think about them. But if just one is not working correctly, it can cause problems across the whole line—possibly your entire plant.

Intralox straight-running modular plastic conveyor belts help you:

  • Avoid increased or unexpected downtime due to belt breakdowns
  • Simplify cleaning or maintenance procedures
  • Eliminate product loss or contamination risks

With hundreds of options for series, style, material, accessories, and more, we have straight belts for almost any application. Our product experts ensure you get the right solution, backed by industry-leading guarantees.


Intralox straight-running conveyor belts offer many key benefits, including:

  • Longer belt life with less belt wear
  • Simplified cleaning and maintenance
  • Reduced risk of product loss or contamination
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Zero need for lubrication or tensioning


Product advantages
Dưới đây là những ưu điểm mà băng tải nhựa cong Intralox mang lại cho bạn
Abrasion Resistance
Rollers and Accumulation
Tight Transfers
X-ray and Metal Detectable

Abrasion Resistance

ABRASION RESISTANCE Abrasive particles can damage many parts of a conveyor belt, including top and bottom surfaces, rods, sprockets, and hinges. It's a major challenge not only in food processing (from salt, seasonings, flour, etc.) but also industrial products like corrugated cardboard. We offer several options to combat abrasion, including our specially designed Series 1700 and 1750 belts. Our belt experts can help you choose not only the right belt, but also the best material and component options to address the specific conditions of your plant.


INCLINE/DECLINE Incline and decline conveyors are especially challenging; without the right belt, your products can fall off, roll back, or jam, wasting valuable investments of money and time. We offer several surface options for incline belts—including Friction Top and Nub Top™—and an array of components and accessories like flights, buckets, scoops, and cones.

Rollers and Accumulation

ROLLERS AND ACCUMULATION The ability to accumulate product is critical to improving line layout flexibility, enhancing performance both upstream and downstream, and minimizing overall downtime. Intralox Roller Top™ and roller mat solutions provide for low back pressure, more pull strength, and optimal roller density—more rollers for smaller products, fewer rollers for larger ones.

Tight Transfers

TIGHT TRANSFERS Eliminate downtime and increase belt life with the strongest tight transfer belt in the food industry. The Intralox Series 560 belt provides smooth, gentle product handling to improve yield and minimize damaged or wasted product. Its distinctively small nosebar makes it ideal for transfers of small or delicate products, including machinery infeed and outfeed, product transfer, or product handling within the machine.

X-ray and Metal Detectable

X-RAY AND METAL DETECTABLE Whether in food processing or industrial applications like tire rubber, the integrity of your raw materials cannot be compromised. Intralox X-ray and metal-detectable conveyor belting can enhance your food safety and safeguard against foreign material contamination. Our product experts can help you determine which belt configurations comply with the regulations in your industry and region.
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Tighter Turns. Longer Life. More Cycles. Obvious Choice.Intralox’s comprehensive radius belt portfolio meets virtually all performance requirements, both now and in the future.


When Less Is More .Chain belts deliver maximum performance at minimal widths. Intralox chain belts reduce wear on pans, containers, bottles, cartons, totes, crates, and more. 


Simpler. Stronger. Safer.Belts and materials designed to solve a wide range of food safety challenges


Intralox's modular plastic spiral conveyors and solutions help you: Reduce expensive, unexpected production downtime.Remove complicated repair work.Overcoming challenges quality awareness and product orientation.