Tighter Turns. Longer Life. More Cycles. Obvious Choice.Intralox’s comprehensive radius belt portfolio meets virtually all performance requirements, both now and in the future.

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Designed by radius conveyor experts, Intralox radius conveyor belts allow you to optimize your current lines by minimizing transfer points (in both your layouts and designs) without having to sacrifice speed or efficiency. You'll optimize current line performance while also staying prepared to handle future products and packaging types. 

Intralox's industry-leading portfolio of radius solutions allows you to:

  • Minimize unscheduled downtime and maximize belt life
  • Eliminate product damage from transfers or contamination
  • Enhance available floor space and layout flexibility


Intralox radius conveyor belts offer many key benefits, including:

  • Longest-lasting belt life with less belt wear stress or load-based fatigue failures
  • Fewer transfers and dead plates
  • Reliable product transfers, especially for small products
  • Simplified maintenance through belt and component standardization
Product advantages
Dưới đây là những ưu điểm mà băng tải nhựa cong Intralox mang lại cho bạn
Zero Tangent Turns
Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE)
Eliminate Transfers
Dual Turning

Zero Tangent Turns

ZERO TANGENT TURNS Maintain product orientation over the tightest turns on your curved conveyors with the Intralox Series 2100 ZERO TANGENT Radius Flat Top belt. The S2100 ZERO TANGENT belt allows equipment manufacturers to design and fabricate zero-tangent curves, creating new opportunities for line layout and performance.

Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE)

HEAVY-DUTY EDGE (HDE) The Intralox Series 2400 Radius belt with Heavy-Duty Edge (HDE) is the food industry’s most snag-resistant radius belt with the longest lasting fatigue life. Along with our patented Load-Sharing edge (LSE) technology, its unique design provides a distinctive solution to common radius belt and industry challenges that significantly decrease belt life.

Eliminate Transfers

ELIMINATE TRANSFERS Intralox’s S2300 Flush Grid Nose-Roller Tight Turning belt uses industry-leading design to meet radius challenges by analyzing belt speed, load distribution, and turn and width severity. Featuring our patented Load-Sharing belt edge, its smooth upper belt surface eases product handling at nose-roller transfer points. By enabling the reduction or elimination of transfers, it helps reduce product damage, motors, and maintenance.

Dual Turning

DUAL TURNING Enhance fatigue resistance on dual turning applications. The unique design of the S2300 Dual Turning belt eliminates dead plates on radius applications—including S-curves—enabling standardization for all your radius conveyor needs. Handle multiple turns on the same conveyor while eliminating your line's directional transfers with the tightest pitch radius belt that offers the longest belt life on the market.
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Move the product straight forward. Optimize transportation from A to B in every part of your plant.


When Less Is More .Chain belts deliver maximum performance at minimal widths. Intralox chain belts reduce wear on pans, containers, bottles, cartons, totes, crates, and more. 


Simpler. Stronger. Safer.Belts and materials designed to solve a wide range of food safety challenges


Intralox's modular plastic spiral conveyors and solutions help you: Reduce expensive, unexpected production downtime.Remove complicated repair work.Overcoming challenges quality awareness and product orientation.