Intralox Thermodrive Belt For Food Processing

Intralox Thermodrive Belt For Food Processing

Intralox ThermoDrive® technology offers the same reliability as modular plastic belting, with the added hygiene benefits of a solid thermoplastic structure. Lightweight and easy to install, the ThermoDrive® belting system eliminates the tensioning, tracking, and cleanability issues that often arise with traditional flat or tensioned drive belts. 
ThermoDrive® technology’s patented tensionless system combines belts and components to help food processors: 
1. Overcome complicated, time-consuming cleaning and sanitation processes. 
2. Eliminate belt issues caused by tensioning (e.g. - mistracking, elongation, wavy edges). 
3. Avoid hygienic risks posed by fabric belts or exposed fabric or yarn reinforcements. 

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Intralox ThermoDrive straight-running belts protect product quality between processing steps across your A-to-B conveyors.


Uncompromised hygienic performance for inclines, z-inclines, bucket elevators, and more


Stress-free conveyance for bulk food products like doughs, powders, liquids, and more